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Our Team

New Chance has an entire team that works together to service clients. From Clinical staff to Administrative personnel, everyone works together to deliver the best care possible to clients at New Chance.

Meet the Team

Co-Executive Directors Jimmy Jones and Doug Austen lead the New Chance team. Jimmy oversees the clinical operations, and Doug manages all administrative operations. As seasoned veterans in their respective fields, Jimmy and Doug form a dynamic duo to ensure premium client care and treatment protocols at New Chance.  

Clinical Team

With a full team of licensed counselors and dedicated peer support, New Chance offers clients experienced, dedicated clinical staff to aid in the journey to recovery 

Administrative Team

The Administrative Team at New Chance often works behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly and ensure premium client care. From keeping the lights on to helping clients navigate programs and funding sources, the Administrative Team ensures a smooth experience for each client.

Residential Staff

New Chance has a full residential staff that monitors and assists residential clients with everyday needs. Our residential staff coordinates needed care and interacts daily with residents. This section includes the leadership members of the residential team. 

Medical Division

Scot Yarnell (ARPN, PMHNP, FNP)

A board certified psychiatric and family nurse practitioner, Scot has extensive experience in providing medical treatment to clients with mental health and SUD recovery needs. With experience in both big city and rural settings, He has years of experience treating patients with psychotic disorders, mood disorder, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, ADHD, IDDs (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities), and substance use disorders. Scot meets many New Chance clients in person at the Dodge City facility and is able to maintain contact and address treatment needs through telehealth methods. Scot plays an essential role in providing MAT services to clients and advancing other evidence-based practices as part of client care at New Chance.  

Scot is part of the Medical Division at New Chance, which also includes a Registered Nurse as well as a Medical Director, Dr. Merrill Conant.

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